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Eco-EPIdemiology of Emerging Diseases Eco-EPIED
programme IDIL de la mention Eco-EPI

M1 2024 applications: master’s entry procedure and timetable – updated January 2024 – english version

Since last year, French and European students** must  apply for via the national Trouver-Mon-Master platform. Full details and access: here Note: In 2024, « a complementary phase will be introduced, following a main phase. Candidates will be authorized to make 15 wishes in the main phase (applications counted at the « mention » […]

Eco-EPIED : un master en immersion dans les laboratoires et ouvert sur l’international / immersion in laboratories and an international opening

The master Eco-EPIdemiology of Emerging Diseases Eco-EPIED addresses the present-day challenge of emerging infectious and parasitic diseases in human and animal populations. At the light of the ecological, environmental and evolutionary analysis of theses events, this pluri-disciplinary program allows a synthetic approach. It integrates all scientific and relevant skills and […]